We Are Chronicle Media.

There is no single way to reach a customer. As media experts, we understand that it takes a mix of advertising and marketing strategies, both online and offline that gives your business the greatest opportunity to be found, attract and engage with customers.

Who We Are


Chronicle Media is a B2B brand for the The Augusta Chronicle print, multi-media and digital sales division. The brand is an umbrella brand that includes all of the media holdings owned by the Chronicle.

What We Promise


We promise to deliver a comprehensive mix of advertising, marketing and promotional offerings to local advertisers; We promise to provide superior customer service and best-of-breed solutions; We promise to be focused on and actively participate in our local community and foster local business growth.

What We Value


We take pride in providing local businesses the most comprehensive media marketing and promotional mix enabling them to be easily found online and offline, attract new customers, stay connected, and grow their business.

Chronicle Media Brands
Be Found. Attract New Customers. Stay Connected.


Our keystone digital asset is AugustaChronicle.com, which is the leading local news and information resource online for more than 20 years. Over that time we have expanded our digital portfolio and expertise to encompass data-driven display like site and search retargeted, SEO and SEM, social media and reputation management, content production, responsive web development and opt-in media.


Our experience in building and maintaining the dominant local news and information website gives us a unique and powerful base of digital knowledge and experience that we can put to work for your business.


We have painstakingly crafted a set of best-in-class modular digital solutions that consistently get results. The consumer landscape is complex, and your potential customers are making decisions based on an entirely new and unique array of media and messages. Our solutions help you find and engage the right audiences at the right time with the right message.


We have built our digital acumen over nearly two decades, and as the media landscape changes, we adapt and transform with it. We are a certified Google Partner, and we have a growing team of veteran digital marketing professionals that work with you to build solutions that win.


With award-winning journalism and reporting, timely consumer information, targeted and zoned sections for every demographic, geographic, and lifestyle segment, the Chronicle Media portfolio delivers two hundred thousand readers every week, leading the market in audience delivery in the Central Savannah River Area.


Our primary print solution is The Augusta Chronicle, the light of the Central Savannah River Area for over 230 years. We provide print solutions to businesses of all sizes with budgets of any size. Let us perform a needs analysis to properly diagnose the solution for your business!


We publish community newspapers and magazines in areas surrounding the greater Augusta market that allow advertisers to reach defined geography with affordable solutions.


Our specialty publications are designed to reach niche audiences with specific interests. Whether your business targets homeowners with big DIY plans or the Back To School shopper on a budget, we’ve got the perfect specialty advertising publication for you!


The powerful combination of print and digital solutions from the Chronicle Media portfolio offer advertisers the opportunity to reach their targeted audiences with compelling content and products. Whether it’s a simple business profile or eight-page special advertising section, your story – your message – can be effectively told on our various platforms, getting results and sales.


Nearly half of the adults in the Augusta area read at least one weekday and one Sunday issue every week. We provide media solutions that allow advertisers to saturate a desirable target market. Ask how we can help you reach your customers with frequency and regularity.


Want to penetrate a specific audience? Define that audience with our demographic or geographic profiles and reach them with one of our affordable media solutions.


Your marketing and promotional dollars will stretch further when the Chronicle Media portfolio is engaged. We offer print solutions, event marketing solutions, digital services, and much, much more.

Audience Delivery


Want to be found and attract new customers? We use our substantial and local research to give you insights about your position and opportunities in the marketplace.

Chronicle Media

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